About Myself

I work towards using technology to create a more inclusive world. Innovation is what drives me. New technology excites me, and the possibility of incorporating it into the lives of people keeps me up nights.

Entrepreneurship to me is all about getting the technology out to affect the lives of more people. You will see me spending most of my time at my startup working out the nuances of the technical product with my team, often filling in roles that require extensive inter-disciplinary expertise.

Currently working on scalable data lineage and distributed business logic solutions for enterprises. My last product was about leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to break down social, economic and linguistic boundaries to make the healthcare ecosystem more inclusive. I also play an advisory role in multiple startups and their product strategy decisions.






Students Mentored


Machine Learning 85%

Data Science 90%

Computer Vision 70%

Distributed Computing 95%

Embedded Systems and Robotics 75%

Skill offerings

Bringing expertise in strategy, design and development of mobile and web projects, including UI/UX design, end-to-end project management and ideation-to-execution product development.


Design Sprints
User Interface Design
Mobile Design .


Machine Learning
Distributed Computing
API and Mobile App Development
Web Development


Roadmap Development
Backlog Prioritisation
Agile Sprint Delivery
Product Strategy

TRST Technology

Creating data lineage and distributed business solutions for enterprises with in-house developed stack. @DTLabsIndia

BlockRetail : Blockchain enabled end to end supply chain management

Blockretail is a convenient end to end solution for supply chain management and retail.

Bringing the ability of tracking every single asset and transation immutably allows enterprises to reduce supply chain leakages, increase consumer trust in their products and test out new disruptive business and fulfillment models.

Footprints : Digital Identities for at-risk refugees.

Footprint is a digital identity solution based on distributed ledger technology, that aids refugees towards rehabilitation and re-introduction into society by creating mre transparent identification documents and verifying job credentials by cross-polling.

It also integrates with existing databases towards re-uniting families that have been seperated.

BlockMed : Single Patient Centric Medical Data System

BlockMed is a blockchain based single data storage system for medical reports and relevant data.

This puts the patient back in charge of their sensitive data through a wallet-like system and creates lasting stakeholder value for hospitals, doctors and insurance agencies by consolidating all of the data.

Technology For Impact

Community centric, grassroot level technological innovation along with policy support is redefining how impact is created.

Grassroot Innovation Programme

We inculcate a mindset towards innovation at the grassroot level through experience driven learning to solve local community based problems.

BasicEdu : Democratising Education

To make technology enabled quality education a reality, we create hardware that can be plugged into television sets to turn into a computer for a fraction of the cost of a entry level smartphone.

Project Basics : Assistive Technology.

Project Basics is an effort to create assistive tech for physically disabled. The subsequent research was published while I was 16, and taught to Mumbai University graduate students.

Other Dabbles

Side projects, employment and freelance work done on the side.

Computational Physics Research Asst

Worked with Prof. Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, researchers from the TIFR, and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics towards the implementation of computer vision and machine learning for motion pattern recognition in self organising systems.

Blockchain Architect : The BFF App

Responsible for the design and implementation of the block-chain based architecture of the application. EiR at Nvidia. Left due to prior commitments with BasicCare.

BasicCare : Previous Venture

BasicCare is a B2B SaaS platform aimed at doctors, clinics and hospitals with everything that they’d need to take their business online. This includes a practice management system, relevant databases and a telemedicine suite to connect to remote patients.

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